Spotlight On!

Spotlight On features a write up of a  student at McCord and their personal journey in the arts.

‘Spotlight On’! Stella Solliday started painting over 25 years ago and drawing for over 50. A student of 3 of McCord’s finest, Stella’s love of art originated from her father whom studied in Krakov and painted at home. She credits the teachers for her learned discipline and organizational skills in creating art. ‘My color harmony & composition skills have been enhanced and I have grown in my proficiency with pastels. The classroom environment sparks creativity & provides a constructive, entertaining, and informative arena for exchange of concepts & problem solving.’ Stella displays her works at local venues and will be featured in the upcoming show at the Palette and Chisel. Art  is ‘a passion as I perceive situations as paintings and am constantly aware of the play of light & pattern on every-day situations.’